With more than ten years of experience in the beauty industry, Jaye is a dedicated artist and stylist focused solely on eyelash extensions. To help establish herself as an eyelash extension expert, Jaye has a passion for designing the perfect eyelashes for her clients and derives great joy from seeing people beautiful, happy and confident as a result of her skilled work. Dedicated to providing the highest quality eyelash extension service possible, Jaye also leverages her previous training and experience as a California state licensed skin care professional. Having worked for a dermatologist and medical spa, Jaye can approach each set of eyelash extensions with a scientific and analytical perspective, so you know your eyelashes are incapable, professional hands.

Intrigued by the growing popularity of eyelash extensions in the beauty and cosmetics world, Jaye became increasingly interested in the skill, technique, and products used to enhance eyelashes. After seeing how powerful eyelash extensions can be in shaping overall appearance and beauty, Jaye set about establishing herself with Master certifications and helping hundreds achieve their beauty goals. She opened Lash Allure to bring the gift of beautiful eyelash extensions to the Bay Area. Jaye knows exactly how transformative eyelash extensions can be, which is why she’s worked hard to provide the best service possible.



Master Artist 
Jaye Liang

  • 2010 Specializing solely in Eyelash Extensions

  • 2011 Created J's Signature Lash Technique

  • 2013 Mastered in Russian Volume Technique

  • 2013 Established J's Signature Classic & Volume Lash Technique 

  • 2015 California Lash Summit Global Study

  • 2016 Russian Lash Boom: World Eyelash Study Exchange

  • 2017 Shanghai, China- Judge in Competition 

  • 2017 Mexico, Guest Speaker at Minky's Institute  

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