Eyelash Extensions Care

 To maintain your lash extensions:


  • Use an oil-free cleanser to wash your lashes and eye area on a daily basis

  • Carefully comb through your eyelash extensions to prevent tangling

  • Keep bonds strong by applying sealant twice a week


  • Do not use anything oil-based near your lashes or you may compromise the bonds

  • Don’t rub your eyes or pull on lashes

  • Don’t sleep on your face or rub lashes into your pillow at night – we can sell you protective sleep masks if needed

Eyelash Extension Aftercare:

  • Do not wet or expose lashes to steam for 6 hours after application

  • Brush lashes and blow dry with cool air when wet

  • Avoid use of oil-based and waterproof cosmetics

  • Gently cleanse your extensions with water-base makeup remover

  • Avoid rubbing or pulling on extended lashes

  • Do not use curlers or attempt to perm or tint extensions

  • Book a refill appointment every 2 - 3 weeks

  • Basic makeup application and normal lifestyle routine can resume after your eyelash extension application. 

 Please avoid the following:

  1. Any eye drop or eye solutions.

  2. Using hot water when washing your face

  3. Any steam, saunas and sweating

  4. Any cosmetics that can cause more irritation to the eyes


- Warning -

Please note that all clients react to the products used in different ways. Although some of the symptoms listed below are normal, if you experience any itching, swelling, tearing, burning or redness of the eyes, you may be experiencing an allergic reaction. By avoiding the precautions listed above for 48 hours, it allows the proper amount of time for our glue to dry thoroughly and allergic reactions are less likely to occur. If you experience any of the above and have concerns, please call or text us at 650-878-7388 for more information. 




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