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Can I apply mascara to my eyelash extensions?

Yes, you can use mascara on your eyelash extensions, but it’s not recommended for daily use. We can provide you with extension-safe mascara that doesn’t damage bonds in the extensions.

Can eyelash extensions damage my eyelashes?

Not using our methods. We use the highest quality adhesive which is specially formulated for use on eyelashes, and we’ve undergone extensive training to become experienced eyelash extension professionals. Anyone who has damaged eyelashes as a result of extensions probably didn’t go to a practitioner who follows the best-recommended procedures.

   What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are natural-looking, synthetic eyelashes that are carefully crafted and applied to your natural eyelashes to provide a luxurious, transformative appearance. Eyelash extensions can be made of silk, faux minx or real mink fur and mimic natural eyelashes by being tapered to a fine point in a range of lengths and thicknesses.

How is Lash Allure different than other lash lounges or lash providers?

We provide under-eye anti-aging gel pads during each session to hold down bottom lashes. These gel pads are an improvement over tape as they help add collagen and elastin under your eyes to the

  • The adhesive we use is the safest, most luxurious product to help safeguard your eyes and pamper them with quality. We use only the highest quality lashes in the industry, both those made in North America and others imported from abroad.Improve the overall facial beauty and reduce under-eye circles.

  • We’re fully certified, trained and licensed because we believe in keeping our skills sharp

  • We want all of our clients to enjoy a full, beautiful set of lashes, so we’ll never charge “per lash.”

  • Because our lashes cure in just four hours, you can go on with your life soon after your session by enjoying activities like working out, swimming and washing your face as you normally would.

  • We always carry a wide variety of curl types, lash diameters and lengths to give you the largest set of options possible to find the perfect lashes for you. With hundreds of eyelash extension types to choose from, you’ll always have a completely customized look that fits your exact desired look.

What will my eyelashes look like?

Your finished eyelashes will look beautiful. Each of your natural individual lashes will be extended with a dark, rich, perfectly curled extension. Within each of our sets of extensions, we use slightly different lengths and thicknesses to a very natural look customized to your unique eyes. Everything will look tailored to your look and provide a huge enhancement for your overall beauty.

How are eyelash extensions applied, and how long does it take?

For a classic full set, it takes 1.5 – 2 hours for the first time. Touch up is 1-1. 5 hours. Lush and volume full set for the first time takes 2-3 hours. Refill is 1.5-2 hours. This time can vary based on how many individual natural eyelashes you have since we extend each lash individually. Using a pair of tweezers, we’ll gently and delicately isolate each of your natural eyelashes to apply for individual extensions with medical-grade adhesives. To keep bottom lashes in place and promote overall eye beauty, we also provide anti-aging collagen gel pad treatment for your eyes during each session. With experience in the beauty spa industry, we understand the importance of making the process as comfortable as possible, and many of our clients even fall asleep as they wait for their lashes to finish up.

How do I prepare for my appointment?

Be sure to remove eye makeup at least four hours before your appointment with an oil-free makeup remover. By showing up to your interview without eye makeup, you can ensure optimal bonding for your eyelash extensions.

How often are fills required?

Typical clients come in for fills after three weeks. If you have a more active lifestyle that includes activities like hot yoga or swimming, or if you have naturally oily skin, you may want to come in a few days earlier or after two weeks instead of three. Some clients who take good care of their extensions can go four to five weeks before their next fill.

Can I work out, swim, and shower with my lash extensions?

Absolutely! Lash extensions are durable enough to last through exercise, swimming, bathing, and pretty much any other activity. Applying a coating sealant both before and after intensive activities can also help protect and extend the life of your extensions.

How do I care for my new lash extensions?

During the initial four hours after having your eyelash extensions applied, please protect them by keeping them free of moisture, sweat, makeup or tears.

What do I need to do to care for my eyelash extensions?

Your eyelashes are an investment, and getting the most from your money means taking good care of them after they’ve been applied. By following these steps, you can extend the lifetime of your eyelash extensions:

  • Be sure to book your eyelash refills at intervals about three weeks apart to maintain the excellent eyelash appearance.

  • Do not use curlers on your eyelashes.

  • Do not attempt to perm or tint your extensions.

  • Never attempt to pull your eyelash extension off as it will take out your natural eyelash at the same time. If you’d like to have them removed, please contact us for professional removal service.

  • Be careful not to have your eyelashes get snagged or caught on clothes while dressing and undressing.

  • Be careful not to rub your eyes. Patting your eyes gently instead is much better for the eyelashes and sensitive skin around the eyes, regardless of having extensions or not.

  • Avoid cleansers, makeup removers or moisturizers that have oil or solvents because these can weaken the bonding agent used to adhere the eyelash extensions.

  • Remove makeup with a lint-free applicator by working delicately around your eyelashes. Using a cotton swab is not advised because the lint can get caught in the extensions.

  • Avoid using waterproof mascara on your eyelashes and instead, use a water-soluble mascara or one specifically designed for eyelash extensions. You may find that you no longer need mascara at all.

  • For 4-6 hours after your procedure, don’t wet your lashes during or after showering to allow the glue an appropriate period to cure. This also means it’s best to avoid steam rooms, saunas, and swimming.    


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